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What is a Hackerspace? Hackerspace 是甚麼?什么是Hackerspace?

  • Definition 1: Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects.  Refer to HackerspaceWiki for examples and more information.

定義一) Hackerspace 是由社群主理的實體空間,讓大家可以在此處聚會,動手搞作。在 HackerspaceWiki 可找到各地的實例。



  • Definition 3-n: Members define what they expect of the hackerspace.

定義三至n) Hackerspace 由成員介定藍圖。你有了個想法,你想達成這想法,就得落手落腳做,最簡單就是經常參與,晉身為成員。


(for reference, visit HackerspaceSG's excellent wiki!)


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