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Page history last edited by Julian Lee 13 years, 8 months ago



Date:          Tuesday, 19th October

Time:          9pm

Location:     RimAsia Capital Partners

                   1807 Harbour Centre

                   25 Harbour Road

                   Wanchai North


- Lester Lim, William Hui, Jonathan Buford, Ng Chunyin, William Liang and Julian Lee




Introduction to Hackjam (skipped)

  • What is Hackjam? (Brief 2 minute introduction to Hackjam)
  • Introduction by new members 


Progress & Recent Activity Update

Update by members on progress since last meeting on key action items, and on recent interesting activities

  • Admin: Bill Liang and Julian have registered Hackjam.HK domain, and arranged for redirection to the wiki.
  • Admin: Facebook group has been setup to link members etc.
  • Julian has checked with Foo Tak; they are still in their decision making process, and will let us know as soon as possible.


Immediate Discussion Items

Issues that any member wishes to discuss should be added here 

  • Logo
    • William Liang suggested that we come up with a logo. 
    • The plan is to brainstorm and hack together a logo during the next meetup.
    • William Hui volunteered to ask a friend to design a few potential logos, and each member should bring one concept to the next meeting during which we will spend 30 mins brainstorming a new logo.  The main theme that we would like to work on is the meeting of art and tech.
  • Website / Wiki
    • It was agreed that the wiki will suffice for now, Julian suggested that we can improve it when we have someone volunteer to do so.
    • Given the FB group, the wiki and the google group, there is a lot of duplication right now - Julian wonders whether we should just focus on the FB group (since it's quite convenient)?  However not everyone uses FB, and it would be harder to get new members in.
  • Workshops brainstorming.  The following were suggested:
    • Projects - i.e. one off events focused on building / making / doing something in particular
      • Tour of Shenzhen Electronics Market.  Basically an opportunity for anyone interested to check out the supply of potential parts and tools for their latest project.  We will also try to take a lot of video footage, and make our answer to Tokyo Hackerspace's Akihabara video guide.
      • Tour of HK's artist workshops.  Since one of our goals is to encourage more interaction between the art and tech communities here in HK, we could do a similar tour to all the various artist establishments in HK.  We will build a list of such venues to explore (e.g. Foo Tak Building, Cattle Depot, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, The Factory, Fo Tan, etc).  This could also transition to become a longer term series of workshops if sufficient interest (from both members and artists) exists, since we clearly cannot visit all in one day.
      • Mini Flugtag.  Inspired by the recent Red Bull Flugtag here, we could do a mini version whereby people design and build their own mini plane (e.g. using paper, or spaghetti, or balsa wood, etc).  We will define certain parameters (e.g. the ramp and launch platform).  Points will also be given for artistic nature.  This may also be combined into the following 2 to create a workshop series.
      • Load bearing structures.  Similarly, we can build bridges, cantilevers, etc from simple materials (e.g. also spaghetti, wood, or even reclyced materials).  Once again, designs can be judged by function (i.e. the max load) as well as beauty.
      • Protect an egg.  Similar to the previous 2, but the point is to protect an egg from breaking after dropping from a certain height.
      • Variation the above 3 is to combine physics with a structure, e.g. spaghetti trebuchet, etc.
      • Arduino mashup events, e.g. Vertical window farm with arduino controlled irrigation, Arduino controlled Christmas tree lights, Arduino controlled autonomous cars (e.g. line followers, etc), simple robots, etc
      • Camera gear hacks, e.g. 35mm digital back for pre-digital cameras (such as original Olympus PEN-F), time-lapse triggers, remote triggers, etc.  Also other camera related stuff such as darkroom developing, etc.
      • Paper making - make paper from pulp!
    • Workshops - i.e. a series of events centered around a particular subject matter
      • Arduino based workshops.  These could take 2 forms, either to provide the basic underlying skills/tools (e.g. RGB lights, sensors, etc), or to focus the group on using the arduino to build a more ambitious project.  William Liang and Ng Chunyin will think about the exact subject and revert.
      • Locksport.  William Liang has the knowledge, and Julian Lee has some tools.
      • Heirloom technology workshops.  Basically all the survival / primitive stuff, e.g. how to make a fire without any tools, how to make flint arrowheads, etc.
      • Cooking for engineers.  First workshop being the exploration/demonstration of the impact of brewing temperature, coffee dosage, pour speeds and brew methods on taste of the same bean. Can also do molecular gastronomy as a future workshop
      • Thermodynamics stuff.  E.g. heat exchangers, stirling engines, etc.
  • Timetable for first few workshops (particularly the first), and identification of volunteers to prep for them.
    • The plan is to start off with 3-4 workshops/projects.  These can be:
      • Tour of Shenzhen Electronics Market.  This is the easiest to do, since it involves gathering 5-10 people together and just going.  We can produce the video at a later date.  Next step is to post several dates on a doodle and get people signed up.
      • Art tour.  Similarly, this can be quite fast.  The next step is to reach out to the artist community to get suggestions of places to go.
      • First arduino workshop.  William Liang and Ng Chunyin will figure out what the subject will be.  The first workshop will likely be something simple and for a limited audience.
      • Coffee for geeks.  Julian Lee is happy to do this one soon.  The question is whether there are people interested in attending.
  • How we can market the first few workshops, and volunteers to do so. 


Items for future discussion (Shelved to a future meeting)

Issues that need to be discussed at some point, but not necessarily immediately:

  • Workplan 
  • Governance
  • Membership fees
  • Funding sources 


Next Steps

Any agreed next steps and key action items should be updated here

  • Doodle prospective Shenzhen electronics market date (Please click here to fill out)
  • Touch base with artist community to think about possible places to visit (Julian)
  • Plan first Arduino workshop (William Liang and Ng Chunyin)


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